How to keep fire escapes safe and secure

The practice of using emergency ladders as anything other than its intended purpose is something that serves as a danger to anyone who has an external fire escape attached to their house, apartment, or even business in some cases. It is important for all inhabitants to have a fire escape system planned so that those who live in the house are aware of how to use the escape fire ladder to avoid injury or even death in severe cases. Whether you have a retractable fire escape ladder, a 2nd story fire escape ladder, or even a commercial fire escape ladder (used in businesses), it is important that  both it and the fire escape are free of obstacles and used only for their intended purposes. If these ladders are not used for their intended purposes, they can easily become a segway for uninvited guests to peek or enter your home. If your fire ladder is broken and gives access to your balcony, balcony repair is something to consider to lower the chances of this occurring. Something as simple as keeping up with fire escape maintenance and repairs could eliminate the chances of having an uninvited guest, or an unsuccessful escape route in case of emergency.


Having an emergency fire escape, especially in multi-story homes or businesses is mandatory in most, if not all, building code regulations. Not only do these buildings have an internal staircase that is intended for use of emergency when elevators are unsafe, such as in the event of an internal fire, but they must also have external fire escape stairs in order to stay within safety codes. Regulations for fire escape stairs state that they must only be used in emergency situations and not for storing or recreational use. This applies to the balcony emergency ladder as well as internal and external fire exit stairs in businesses. The fire escape stair regulations are put in place to ensure that all homes and businesses are following a standard, proven set of rules and regulations to keep the public safe. This holds all parties equally accountable in the chance that emergency ladders or fire stairs are not used properly and there are consequences.


With emergency fire ladder and staircases, there are multiple factors that home and business owners must keep in mind to upkeep them and make sure they are meeting code requirements. Fire escape inspection is something that is imperative to determining what kind of maintenance needs to be performed to ensure the safety of people who live, work, and visit in these buildings. In order to maintaining a fire escape certification, it is important for businesses (in the case of houses or apartment, landlords) fire escape repair to be kept recent, even if it is something so simple as a view escape scrape and paint, which ensures an even surface and sufficient traction to climb up or down.


Fire escape ladders are more at risk of needing maintenance than internal staircases. Whether the fire escape is made of metal or steel, fire escape repair is the foundation of prolonging quality and safety of external fire escapes and staircases. Being outside, fire escape restoration is more common due to the wear and tear of weather changes. There is nothing wrong with having fire escape ladder repair or ladder servicing, so long as it is done before a fire or other event that requires evacuation occurs. Egress ladders are not as at-risk of things such as weathering because they are primarily internal, but that does not make them any less important. Egress staircase repair is something that must be kept up with, especially with railing and other safety precautions placed on them. They must be kept clean and free of any obstacles or trash that could impair the ability of a person to successfully escape in the unfortunate chance of an emergency.


In all, no matter the type of escape ladder you have attached to your building, whether it be internal or external, it is imperative to keep it up to regulation with routine maintenance and staying up to date on changes in safety codes. By having a safe, functioning, and clear stairway, you can ensure that you and the others inside your home or building will have a safe escape route in the chance of disaster.