Don’t Let Your Fire Escape Become Dangerous and a Liability

Make sure your fire escape system can perform when it is needed the most when lives depend on it! Don’t wait until it is too long, too sad and regretful, and too expensive.Fire escapes when properly maintained should last as long as the building itself. Like any exterior component, a fire escape is exposed to nature’s elements, and because it is typically made of metal, it’s subject to rust and deterioration.

West Coast Fire Escapes Repairs and Maintains All Types of Fire Escape Structures

  • Ladder repair (counter-balanced, hydraulic, torque, and sliders)
  • Staircase cantilevers repair and re-balanced
  • Fire escape restoration/refurbishment
  • Accidental hits
  • Scrape and painting (all sizes)
  • Violations removal
  • Fire escapes yearly maintenance plans
  • 604 Affidavit Certifications
  • Fire Escape Inspections
  • Ladder Inspections
  • Fire Escape Assembly Reg-4 testing
  • Engineer Certification Letters

West Coast Fire Escapes specializes in fire escape service and repairs. Repairs are routinely needed to ensure that your fire escape is functional. Sometimes stairs and brackets must be repaired or painted. Because proper repair is necessary for certification, we always ensure that your fire escape is repaired correctly and safely.With yearly service, a fire escape structure can last more than 20 years. Without proper service, they may fail at the most critical time, during an emergency. Furthermore, most insurance companies require yearly service of the insured building’s safety equipment as also suggested by the technicians themselves.


We will remove loose paint and carefully prime all bear mental before painting. Properly preparing a surface for paint and using the best quality paints and materials not only ensure a better end result but also can help extend the longevity of your paint job.

What is Involved in Painting a Fire Escape

  1. Scrape existing rust and flaking paint off the fire escape.
  2. Hand wire brush entire system.
  3. Apply a coat of primer to the fire escape using a paintbrush.
  4. Allow the primer to dry.
  5. We re-pack any loose cement in any areas where connections meet the cement wall.
  6. Hand paint all treads, rails.
  7. Apply a coat of exterior paint to the fire escape.
  8. Allow the paint to dry.

We stand behind our work with excellence and reliability, don’t wait until it’s too late, Call us (888) 210-9794 today for a free consultation.